Xrumer cracked

XRumer is the application for automatic submitting of articles sites, on forum platforms, blogs, guestbooks, catalogues, wiki’s and all kinds of other engines. In one particular word — autosubmitter. xrumer12   Main technical characteristics and highlights of the program:   Multi-threading solution The program will fill out forms, following site enrollment procedures (if it’s needed for creating of completely new thread). After enrolling and account, this program will log inside and post The message or website link. Built-in the proxy checker script. This ensures ones anonymity and reduces the posibilities to obtain banned by IP upon forums. It’s possible to utilize HTTP- same while SOCKS-proxy. he program is actually trained to and endless choice of known engines: phpBB and PHP-Nuke just about any mods, yaBB, VBulletin, Invision Electrical power Board, IconBoard, UltimateBB, exBB, phorum. org, wiki, livejournal. com, AkoBook, same as types of bulletin boards, as well as custom engines.   CONSIDERATION: Xrumer uses one of a kind technology — to bypass and prevent any types of captcha which enable it to even defeat almost all website protection mechanisms that try to stop robots or maybe automatic software! Software bypasses very easily such protections such as graphical or textual capctha like “Enter the telephone number you see”, protection by account activation of link through e-mail. Xrumer is safety with some Java-Script utilized.  Also understand and bypass defense with arithmetic and also logical questions. During posting software will develop a detailed report with exact url to posted message and yes it ca be tested each link which buil-in “Question-answer“. Along with variation system, is possible to make via 10, 000 posted advertisements not one of them will be equivalent, but context remains exactly the same. It assists to manufacture a important variant inside key phrases (for search engines like yahoo optimization)with forum has a number of pieces, this program decides on the most appropriate subject matter for the adverts, yet, in case such section will not really exist — then will likely be posted inside Offtopic, as well as other related pieces. In the event that there are not one of them, then inside the almost all stopped at section. It’s also possible to alter BB-code. Computer software includes methods regarding digesting repository: taking away replicated links, taken care of inside descending order connected with recognition, rub out through black-list, different filter systems This program show you with regards to completely new variants offered. One can utilize mods (plugins). Th computer software has included inside a booking technique, self-learning technique, post-editing, Mass-PM, for example. The initial system of “Antispam” allows to write thematic “humane” mail messages on forums in line with their subject The program is actually fully automatic and will not require user input once setup and also running. The computer software will post ones messages on forums, blogs, guestbooks, bulletin boards, and social networks world wide. All it demands from you is always to provide the text for the advertisement, select your favored database of sites you wish to target, choose ones mode, and purely press the “START” key. It is important to understand, with each one of these, highlights of the program are not limited, and it is recommended to use other choices of software to increase the benefits: “AntiSpam” technique, “Question-answer” system, “Post editing” system or anything else. At purchase of license you get not only XRumer through also Hrefer and also database of forums, guestbooks and also blogs: more than 400. 000 tested, uniques and month-to-month updated.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mldtSaN5HIU


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